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The Journal “Bulletin of the Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary” is published by the religious educational organization of higher education — “Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary of the Ekaterinburg Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church”. The Journal has been published in print since 2011. Since 2015, the frequency of issues is 4 times a year. To date, the Journal is also distributed as an electronic online publication.

The religious educational organization of higher education “Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary” is operated by the Centralized religious organization “The Ekaterinburg Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church”.

Editor-in-Chief: Hegumen Arseny (Sokolov), Doctor of Theology.

Address of the Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary: Russia, 620026, Ekaterinburg, Rozy Luxemburg Str., 57.

Contact Information: +7(343) 311-99-41; +7(343) 311-99-40; E-mail: vestnik-eds@ya.ru

The Editorial Council


26.00.01 Theology

02.00.00 Philosophy

03.00.00 History. Historical Sciences

13.00.00 Culture. Cultural Studies

21.00.00 Religion. Atheism

26.00.00 Cross-cutting issues of the Social Sciences

International Standard Serial Number of the Journal ISSN 2224-5391 (Print), 2782-7496 (Online)

 The “Bulletin of the Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary” has been included in the List of peer-reviewed scholarly journals since April 25, 2018 in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science and doctor of science (List of the Higher Attestation Commission) in the following scientific specialties should be published: Theology (5.11.1, 5.11.2, 5.11.3), Russian History (5.6.1), Historiography, Source Studies and Methods of Historical Research (5.6.5)

Form for submitting an article to consider for publication in the “Bulletin of the Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary”

Archive of the Journal

Procedure for sending, reviewing and publishing an article

Editorial rules on the registration of the articles

“Bulletin of the Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary” (“Vestnik EDS”) is a scientific periodical of the Ekaterinburg theological school, designed to inform about the scientific research scientists of theology and related disciplines. In addition to scientific articles and publications of sources, “Vestnik EDS” contains materials on the life of the seminary: journals of the Academic Council meetings with reviews of scientific advisers and reviewers on theses, reports on scientific conferences, etc.

The Editorial Board includes prominent Russian and foreign scientists. The first issue of the Bulletin was submitted for publication on May 24, 2011 and published on June 6, 2011. The journal was registered by Roskomnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media). On February 8, 2012 the journal was approved by the Synodal Information Department of the Russian Orthodox Church (Certificate No. 200).

The journal is included in Russian Science Citation Index (contract No. 406-12 / 2011R).

The “Vestnik EDS” is included in the international information and analytical system of scientific citation “ERIH PLUS” (European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences). The journal is available in the CyberLeninka database.

The “Bulletin of the Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary” is included in the Church-wide list of peer-reviewed publications in which the research results of applicants for church academic degrees of Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Church History and Candidate of Theology should be published.

Since July 31, 2019 the scientific journal “Vestnik EDS” has been included in the List of scientific journals and peer-reviewed materials of international conferences, approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland. The information is posted on the official website of the Ministry.

One can subscribe to the printed version of the “Bulletin” on the website of the United Catalog “Press of Russia”: www.pressa-rf.ru and through the online shop “Pressa po podpiske” (“Press by Subscription”) www.akc.ru
The subscription index of the journal is – 93623.

To register for free subscription to the Bulletin in electronic form send a free-form request to the journal’s e-mail: vestnik-eds@ya.ru

The Bulletin’s issues in electronic format are stored in the Archive of the Journal.

Research relevant to the journal’s subject is accepted in accordance with the Procedure for sending, reviewing and publishing an article and the Editorial rules on the registration of the articles. Articles are to be submitted in a special electronic form.

The editors adhere to the policy of free (free-of-charge) distribution of the electronic version of the journal. One can freely share, copy and distribute material with any data storage device and in any form. More details with the principles of Editorial Board can be found in the License.

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